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About Us
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Mission :
To create an exciting opportunity to bring people and cultures closer for a better understanding regardless of their back ground, race, language or religion, to learn from one another and to help one another.
Vision :
To make the arts as part of more people’s lives in order to provide support to more artists to develop and share innovative ideas and practices to reach more people and to be able to expand the learning opportunities that can benefit our communities and organizations.Our immediate goal is to establish the first Afghan Art Gallery in Bay Area.To teach our children about the Afghan Arts while honoring, expanding and preserving the Afghan great heritage.

Bismil, Jelani and Abdul Shokoor Khusrawy we are three brothers born in Kabul Afghanistan. Due a long and unwanted agonizing war in Afghanistan we are separated and now are living in different part of the world. We desperately want to be reunited with our family members, but there is no law or any organization that would help us to be reunited with our brother, sisters nephews and nieces.
The tragedy of the separation of our family did not start by our own choice, but due to horrors, frustrations, and life threatening of brutal and ruthlessness of the wars.
Like most Afghan families we are trying to make the best of our lives where ever we are placed by the United Nations Refugee Resettlement Agencies.

On one hand we are great full to be out of the “ war zone” on the other hand our entire family fell apart and we became refugees around the world without knowing what would the future is going to bring us. Just to over come “the culture shocks” we have had to first adjust and start learning the new language while struggling to survive in a strange land where we would hope to make it as our new home in order to live in peace.

By watching the news how devastating the war has been and people are still suffering, we consider our selves among the “luckiest ones” to be alive even though there is no substitute for “ Home & Family”.

Our lives has changed, yet after three decades we still are hoping that one day we would be able to be reunited with our family members.

By creating Art Afghan we hope to use the arts as a tool to share and remind our rich artistic heritage with others so that we would be able to draw attention to the forgotten Afghan Arts & history in order to bring the benefits and pleasures of the arts to more people specially the young & children who might never otherwise experience the beauty of the Afghan Arts.
We hope to make the arts as part of more people’s lives in order to provide support to more artists to develop and share innovative ideas and practices for the purpose of expanding high quality arts & learning opportunities that can benefit our communities and organizations.

We are hoping to elevate the visibility of participations in more arts exhibitions in different locations to build more bridges in order to bring people together regardless of their different back grounds & their different believes.

We are not only committed to pursuing theses innovative & effective ideas & practices, but we take pride in having the opportunity to preserving our 50,000 years old of Afghan cultural heritage which is slowly fading away due to devastating losses in the past thirty years of wars in Afghanestan.
Most people came to know Afghanistan as a war zone.The Afghan rich cultural heritage which dates back to 2200 BC. has been the main crossroads for Central & South Asia and the middle east which has been home to various peoples through the ages..
Arts has been a part of Afghanistan's cultural tradition for millenniums. We would like to see that the Afghan Arts is not only preserved, but is also introduced and expanded for cultural activities & various economic and education programs & opportunities world wide. “ Arts belong to every one”


Bismillah Khusrawy:
Abdul Shokoor Khusrawy:
Gholam Jelani Khusrawy :
  • Student for 4 years at the school of Fine Arts of the University of Kabul.
  • Studies interrupted in 1981 following political unrest.




  • Resumption of studies, graduated 1986 from University of Fine Arts of Reims France.
  • Graduate of Kabul University, Department of Art in 1989




  • Graduate of Hotel Management School 1980 & two yeas of scholarship in Germany
We certainly appreciate your suggestions, criticisms , supports
& your advises to serve better.