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Artist Biography
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Known as








 Born February 4th, 1963 in Kabul Afghanistan.




Attended Nejat Elementary.


Graduated from Amani Hight Scholl.

Graduated from University of Kabul (School of Arts).






Style : Realism, impressionism, abstract and Persian and Arabic calligraphy.

Medium : Oil, watercolor, pencil, pen, chalk, pastels and use of the pallet knife on oils.


Landscape/Nature and Abstract.

Reflections of Afghanistan history, the difference ethnic group and the portrayal of historic heroes portraits.







  • 2011- Art Exhibitions at Cal University Hayward, Fremont, Dublin and Pleasanton Libraries.
  • 2010 Group Art Exhibition at United States Embassy in Kabul.
  •  2008 -2010 Solo exhibition at International Security Assistance Force ( ISAF ) Headquarter in Kabul.
  • 2008 Solo exhibition in Ghazni Province Governor Mr. Assadullah Khalid Mansion.
  • 2007 South Asian Association Regional Cooperation ( SAARC) Group exhibition in India Rajasthan.
  • 2006 Solo Exhibition at French Cultural Center, Esteqlal High School in Kabul.
  • 2005 Group exhibition at National Gallery Kabul and Solo exhibition at Loya Gerga Kabul.
  • 2004 Solo exhibition at French Lena Center in Kabul- and Sehate Rawani Hospital.
  • 2003 Group exhibition at Serena Hotel in Kabul.
  • 2002 Group exhibition and Solo exhibition at Reyassate Nomayeshgaha in Kabul.
  • 1993- 2001 Islamabad, Rawalpindi and Karachi Pakistan as refugee.
  • 2001 Group Exhibition at Rode Bruch Niedersachsen“ Culture Tariff” Germany.
  • 1998-2001 Numerous Solo & Group Exhibition at Nomad Gallery F84, H.K Gallery Islamabad Pakistan.
  • 1998 Group exhibition at the West valley Art Museum of Arizona USA.
  • 1997 Solo exhibition Elias Francis French Cultural Center in Clifton Karachi Pakistan.
  • 1997 Solo Art exhibition at the World Institute of Disability- Oakland, CA.
  • 1996 Solo Exhibition at University of Davis in California.
  • 1996 Recipient of “ Honorable Mention” award from the Schoharie County Art Council. 1993-1995 Group and Solo exhibition in Rawalpindi “Logwarsa”.
  • 1990-1993 National Museum of Afghanistan in Kabul-Accountant





I have always had passion for art. I was seven years old when I fell down from an altitude and broke my right hip. Ever since I have gone four times under Orthopedic surgery in Afghanistan. Unfortunately due to lack of proper medical facility in Kabul, all four times surgeries were not only a failure ,but also excruciating and a life threatening experience for me and a major concern  for my family. After every surgery the physicians have prescribed  pain killers and  strong antibiotics for me to be taken on a daily basis.  As a result of taking  those  medications, I have lost my hearing ability.


At the age of nine when I applied for admission to school, I was denied  because  the age of admission I was told was seven. After a long struggle with the school authorities, I finally was allowed to be admitted to attend the school at the age of nine.

I was looking forward to learn Art in the School, I have enjoyed drawing from child hood  more then anything else.

While attending school I also have had to go under routine check ups with my physician and I was advised to continuously taking  my medications.

At the age of 18, I was  diagnosed with  life threatening Chronic Osteomyelitis, and  kidney disorder. I have had to learn and adjust my self how to cope with these “disabilities”

I  also had to continue to go to school regardless of  the life threatening  medical condition and  regardless of  my  classmate bullies  who made fun on me for not being able to walk normally or to hear perfectly. I have managed to continue to focus on learning and to ignore the negatives and yet being able to graduate one of the top student of Kabul University in 1989.

I have suffered  the most during the long unwanted war in Afghanistan . It was very painful not being able to stop the war, not being able to escape and not being able to go under proper medical treatment for the past 28years.

I have been trying to express my feelings through my art works, but I have had very little opportunity during these long and agonizing wars in Afghanistan to do anything. I neither was able to find Art supplies nor I could have afford it. Therefore I have painted  some of my  Art works on  small piece of papers , clothes, boards and evenon curtains or anything I could find to express my  artistic impression and responsibilities through my art works.

I unfortunately did not have the luxury of having my own Art Studio, Desk, Easel, Computer  or at least enough Art supplies to be able to enjoy or to complete some of my unfinished  paintings.

 Due to my disability, All my Art works has been created on the floor.

 On one hand shortage of electricity in Kabul and on the other hand the terror was filling the air of Kabul, rain of bullets and rockets were in every corner and alley. People were taken from their homes in the middle of the night to unknown places and have never been heard of them again… Disparity, grief, anxiety and unrest were growing in every where of my entire country. There had been curfew at night starting at 8 pm. People still have risked their lives to escape to Pakistan or Iran for their safety. Being a handicapped I have had  no chance to escape. I stuck in the war zone for  over 28 agonizing years. I have witnessed the horror of war. The emotional, physical, financial and the, psychological impact of the 28 years of war which has devastated  me and my family, still the security and the future of my beloved country remains uncertain.

In 1993 the war was intensifying so much that I have had to leave “Afghanistan “a long with my wife and my children and  sought refuge in neighboring country Pakistan, hoping that we would be safe and will have peace in Pakistan until the situation in Afghanistan is stabilized..
I soon found out that we are facing different challenges in Pakistan, there are many different group of “ Mujahedeens” one has to be  very careful not to cross the line,  language difficulties, finding a place to live, finding job, food and most importantly not knowing what the future is going to bring to us in this strange land of Pakistan.

I  also realized that Pakistan struggling  with its own political and economical problems, fighting  criminal activities such as corruptions, kidnapping Human rights violations.

 My family safety became a major concern for me how to survive in Pakistan .

When I started to sell some of my art works on the side walk of the street of Islamabad to make living, I was harassed and kicked by the Pakistani Police Officers over and over again.

I have spent nine agonizing years of  struggle, pain and miseries trying to survive on the street of Islamabad in Pakistan. My brother Jelani who was in the United States was my only support source and he was sending me Art supplies which made it possible for me to take my Art works to galleries for sell and for Art exhibitions. I was hoping to return to my homeland all the time.

In 2002 I was very happy to return to my native country Afghanistan, hoping to start a new life. I soon have realized that I have been returned to a  completely destroyed country.

I found my shattered home with no ceiling, no windows, no doors and no any running water.  The City was ruined, it was extremely devastating for me.

 Despite of all these crises and difficulties I was happy to be home. “there is nothing like to be at home”
I have strong desire, hopes and dreams to rebuild my beloved country, as well as my own shattered life, to give hope for my children and others and to be able to create arts without being persecuted. It is my duty to tell the truth and to create a type of art works that reflects the perception of reality ,outcry , pain and agony of mankind that some of it I personally have experienced in Afghanistan and also in exile.

I was grateful to work for a few years at National Gallery in Kabul where I tried to preserve some of the  most valuable Afghan art, a treasure which belong to our  ancient  history. Unfortunately some of the most  precious  Afghan art works already were damaged and had been destroyed during the wars.

As a “survivor” of the most horrific war in Afghanistan, I believe that  through art we still would be able to bring people together, to understand each other better,  to help one another, to live our lives  in peace and to treat one another with respect, justice and with kindness.



Abdul Shokoor Khusrawy